ɛk.soʊˈplæn ɪt

In ɛk.soʊˈplæn.ɪt levels of unconscious and subconscious mix with neural backpropagation of reality. The dystopian sound collages of the new album are composed with elements generated by artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. The text-to-speech synthesis of IBM Watson™ was used and the background noise was generated by the genetic synthesizer Trilobite by Darwin Art. Available on iTunes, Spotify and other stores.

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Created with deepDream, Algorithm neural network art interferes with Butoh performance. Six projectors create a atmosphere where the creatures created by the Tensorflow augmentation mix up with the performers moves into a different world.

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Jilted Beauty

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Ein Gesamtkunstwerk aus Musik, Tanz, Philosophie, Foto und Videoinstallation zur sozialen Plastik. My art is a synthesis of the arts of music, dance, philosophy, photo and video installation to social sculpture. It is boxed pain. All parts complement each other and are further minimized to concentrate on the essentials.

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Pert little piece she was

With the rise of AI as an art movement of the 21st century the output of this new form of expression difference fundamentally from all art previously art made by humans. All the structures of individuals and Society undergo complete revision of the impact of this phenomenon. With the entry of new species able to create and think we have to reinvent concepts of humanism, social philosophy and anthroposophy; AI culminates in a more “extended definition of art” – where in the redefinition process AI may even be involved itself.

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Nach Beuys Kunstbegriff ist “jeder Mensch ein Künstler”. Das Fundament dieses künstlerischen Wirkens ist die persönliche Freiheit. Nun können aber nur Menschen aufgrund ihrer Identität einen Freiheitsbegriff habe. Mit dem Aufkommen von digitalen Persönlichkeiten muss diese Frage vollkommen neu diskutiert werden. Offensichtlich ist die Definition von Boys aus dem Kontext seines Wissens und seiner Zeit heraus ungenügend und muss mit den aktuellen Entwicklungen erweitert werden.